We were first referred to this feisty 90-year-old worldly woman back in November 2016. She needed help transitioning back home to her residential hotel from a local skilled nursing facility. She had been living at a hotel near the San Diego Zoo for more than 12 years and it was becoming increasingly more difficult for her to remain independent. She is fortunate to have adequate financial resources which enabled her to pay others in her building to assist her, but it became apparent that she was an easy mark as certain individuals were taking advantage of her situation and stealing from her.

Balancing independence with appropriate care.

Despite having help at home, she continued to require frequent trips to the emergency room. Thriving Downtown staff and volunteers began following her on a regular basis, visiting her both at home and in the hospital. On one occasion we found her unresponsive at home and had to call 911 on her behalf.

Following that episode and because we had been seeing her regularly, we were able to establish trust with her and convince her to transition to an assisted living facility rather than discharging back home.

This solution turned out to be optimal for this client. She was accepting of the assisted living environment almost immediately and it ended both the hospital recidivism and financial abuse that was going on. Additionally, her daughter who lives in Florida was able to come to San Diego to close out her apartment and get her affairs in order.

We continue to see Carin on a regular basis and help to be the “eyes and ears” regarding her status and care for her daughter on the other side of the country.