Our Mission

Who we are…

Our mission is to inspire sustainable solutions to improve lives.  Project High Hopes supports innovative programs aimed at improving the health and well-being of individuals and communities in the United States and abroad.

How we work…

Many good ideas never have a chance to make a great impact. As a private operating foundation, Project High Hopes not only provides funding, but also contributes resources in the areas of strategic planning, relationship building and administrative oversight to develop demonstration projects which have strong potential of becoming sustainable over time.

What makes us unique…

We don’t ask for money from others without first investing in projects ourselves. We believe that impact “attracts.” By showing our commitment to making the most of our resources–time, money and passion–we feel confident in asking others to contribute to the growth and enrichment of our programs.

Copy of Josh Holstein at Sherman hs in Boone County WV .jpg

Impact through Action:

In the fall of 2018, Inspired Leader Josh Holstein registered 100% of eligible seniors at his high school to vote before the November election.

Across 11 states, Inspired Leaders held 67 voter registration drives registering and pledging 3,635 high school students to vote during the week of National Voter Registration Day (NVRD) 2018.