Thriving Downtown


A message from our director, Geoff Haag, MPH:

2019 will mark the sixth year of operation for Thriving Downtown. I’m pleased to say that through various organizations (primarily health care social workers and case managers), we’ve been referred to more than 500 seniors who live in or near the downtown San Diego area. The goal of the program from its inception is to target downtown area seniors living on fixed incomes in subsidized housing residences. Many live in isolation without family or friends available to turn to. We strive to do whatever we can to help them maintain their independence.

One of the greatest areas of need which has become abundantly clear is transportation. Often, our clients need to have someone accompany them to appointments or procedures. Often we assist individuals just once, or for a limited period of time, but several clients have been utilizing our services since the beginning. Over the years we’ve been able to help folks with a wide variety of ongoing challenges. We’ve provided assistance in locating support for legal, financial and insurance issues, as well as offering help with moving, shopping, pets and connections to other existing community services.

Another aim of our program is to reduce unnecessary hospitalizations, but when our clients do have serious medical events, we continue to provide support and advocacy throughout their hospital and post-acute stays. We’ve helped many clients transition to higher levels of care. Having been a medical social worker in skilled nursing facilities for 15 years, I can be quite helpful.

It has been a great experience working with an organization that provides ‘high hopes’ to whoever they encounter.
— Karla C., LVN/Case Manager

The most commonly asked questions are “How much do you charge?” or “Which insurance do you work with?” We are generously supported by the nonprofit foundation Project High Hopes and offer our services free-of-charge. Please feel free to contact me if you have somebody in mind who lives in the downtown area who could use a hand.